Internal Wall Insulation

Internal Wall Insulation Grants | Insulating Products

Inside wall insulating material is similar to external wall insulation, except that the insulation is placed on the within of the home instead of the outside. Inside wall insulating material is traditionally carried out by fitting rigid insulation boards into the wall or building a stud wall full of insulation material, including mineral wool fiber.

Inner wall insulation can also make homes more responsive to heating. This is because heat is kept directly over the place, rather than being stored in the walls. As such, it may offer a better solution for heating individual rooms.

Insulating your inside walls can greatly influence yearly heating accounts and make your property more comfortable.


#435 every 12 months by insulating an uninsulated Inner wall at a Detached property with walls that are solid. Based on the quotes by Energy saving trust.

Reduces heat loss through your walls

Lowers your fuel bills

Keeps your home warmer in winter

The absence of damp, mould, and condensation.

* The services will be Heavily Subsidised by the government financing. Precise quote will be provided after original appraisal.

* All figures are centered upon the estimates from the Energy Saving Trust.

* Not all of the measures are obtainable for each land.