Privacy Policy

How we use your personal data
  1. We may prepare data on your performance of our website moreover assistance (“routine data”). Usage data may include your IP address, location, browser type and type, operating system, referral source, duration of visits, page views and navigation patterns on the website, and information about the time, frequency, and design of your app usage. The source of usage data is our statistical tracking systems. There can analyze this usage data to analyze the use of the website and services. The thought mentioned abode’s statutory basis is our lawful interests, namely monitoring and developing our website including co-operations.
  2.  We may process the information you submit for publication on our website or through our services, including business listings and reviews (listing and data updates). They may process listings and review data to allow such publication and management of our website and services. The official basis for this review is:
  3. (a) the validity of the agreement between you and us; and
  4. (b) In all other respects, our legitimate interests, namely the proper management of our website and business.
  5. We may process information in any of the surveys you have sent us in connection with the Services (“investigation data”). In some cases, we may receive your inquiry information from our affiliate network. There can process research information for providing, marketing, and selling services to you. This problem’s constitutional authority is our rightful cases, namely the individual administration regarding our website also marketing. In some cases, we may review your personal information about the social security benefits you receive. Any such data will be processed as part of your survey data. We will only process this information to the extent that it is necessary to do so for your rights or obligations, or our rights or obligations, or those of our business partners in the legal field of public safety. For example, we will ask you if you receive disability-related benefits if you ask for services where special rates are available for people who receive those benefits.
  6. We may process transactions relating to transactions, including purchases of services, access to us, and through our website (“transaction data”). Transaction details can include your contact details and transaction details. Transaction details can be processed to provide purchased services, make corresponding payments, and keeping proper records of transactions. The official basis for this review is:
  7. (a) the validity of the agreement between you and us; and
  8. (b) Our legitimate interests, namely our interest in the proper management of our website and business.

Do we use or share your information with third parties?

  1. After you have conducted an investigation, we may disclose your inquiry information to one or more of our business partners to enable them to contact you to provide you with relevant goods and services. Each such third party will act as a data controller in respect of the research data we provide. A business directory is published on our website.
  2. Financial transactions relating to our services, including payments made to our owners and costs made by our business partners and other service providers, may be handled by our payment service provider, Stripe Payments Europe Ltd. We will share transaction data with our payment service providers to the required extent for processing payments, refunding payments, and dealing with complaints and questions regarding such payments and refunds. You can find more information about payment service provider privacy policies and practices at:
  3. We may disclose your personal information to our suppliers and contractors under the following categories:
  4. (a) arresting service providers, and
  5. (b) Telecommunications service providers (including those who provide call recording services).
  6. Some of our service providers may set cookies on your computer when you use our website, and through those cookies, they can access the information you use. Details of these service providers are set out in our cookie policy.
  7. We may disclose your personal information to our insurance providers and professional advisers where applicable to obtain or maintain insurance coverage, risk management, obtaining technical advice, or the establishment, use, or protection of legal claims, whether in court proceedings or administrative proceedings in or out of court.


  1. All personal data we receive from our systems from our website or partner forms is encrypted. Personal information is stored on our leading platform, and all call recordings are encrypted at the file system level.
  2. Firefighters and access control systems protect our information.
  3. We often name anonymously or reveal sensitive personal information that we no longer need.
  4. The systems and safety measures we use are subject to standard risk assessments and studies.

Your Rights

  1. This Section sets out our data retention policies designed to help ensure compliance with our legal obligations regarding the storage and deletion of personal data.
  2. Personal data that we process for any purpose or purposes will not be stored longer than required for that purpose or purposes.
  3. We will keep your personal information as follows:
  4. (a) in the case of questions that do not lead to a successful transfer, there shall keep the details of the investigation for one year after the date of lodging of the inquiry and for two years after that date;
  5. (b) in the case of questions leading to a successful transfer, There will keep the details of the investigation for six years after the date of submission of the investigation data and seven years after the end of your relationship with us;
  6. (c) regardless of whether the investigation results in a successful transfer, any health data included in the investigation data will be deleted or merged with other information to cease to be a medical record not exceeding six months after the date of submission; (d) There will maintain the listing and update of data as long as it is to be published on our website, and for seven years after the end of the period of publication.